Selected Poems

Poem-A-Day, March 2017

"Anecdote of the Puddle", "Utah", and
"Poem about Feelings and My Dog"

Hobart, March 2017

"Attention" and "Prayer"
North American Review, Winter 2017

"Soi-Disant" and "Even Stevens"
Synecdoche, February 2015

"The President"
Anomalous Press, April 2013

"Between the States"
Jellyfish, April 2013

"French New Wave Cinema"
Transom, September 2012

"Bernadette" and "Violet"
Petri Press, September 2012

"Look", "Frank", and
"Depressive Narcissism, or
The Case of the Lyrical I, or
Capers are for Bagels, or

H_NGM_N, October 2010